Vice Presidential Nominee Activity

Write to Romney - We Want a Conservative Vice-President!

In November American voters will choose between fundamentally different ways of viewing the world, and what role our federal government should play in the lives of American citizens.

Take the time now to tell Romney what we want to see in a Vice-Presidential Candidate that we can support.

Tossing Conservatives a VP Bone

The establishment media, lacking any real interest in covering the fight for the soul of the Republican Party that the presidential campaign has become, has unilaterally declared the campaign for the GOP presidential nomination over.

The next big thing in their minds is now the Republican nomination for Vice President.

We Want One of Our Own as VP Candidate

"Conservatives want someone who has championed their cause and been proudly identified with them."

Cast Your Vote, Help Decide

Concerned about the upcoming selection of a Vice-Presidential Nominee? So are we. Romney might have it in the bag, but he must pick a good conservative Vice-Presidential running mate. Influence his decision! Cast your vote now!

Pick your two favorites.


You are not eligible to vote in this poll.

CHQ Poll: Vice Presidential Ratings

Here is how CHQ Poll respondents have rated possible vice presidential candidates so far.  Possible Veeps are ranked by their “favorable” ratings.

Rand Paul
59%  Favorable
27%  Neutral 
11%  Unfavorable
2%  Undecided

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